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About Liberinfo LiberInfo is a tool designed to bring news of social movements to the media.

Attention: to be able to publish on Liberinfo before you must register! It’s open, free and easy …


Think that what is published on the web is open and public reading, but mainly professional journalists will be the final recipients of agency publications. We are making a small style book, simple but hopefully useful in order to compile news that reaches the wording of the media. As soon as we have it, we will publish it on the web.
We encourage you to continue reading this little tutorial on the different types of news from LiberInfo.
We have tried to differentiate some types of publications, taking into account the activities of the collectives. Each publication corresponds to a different form.

You can post a news, a statement, a call, a call or an opinion article. Each one corresponds to a different form. If this is the first time you publish, please read the different types of publication carefully:
publish news: news reporting facts, past present or future.
We understand that the news should be mostly informative, do not forget to cite the date and place of the facts, or the source on which you are based (if you are not yourselves).
publish a statement: you can enter here your statement (positioning or opinion) on any topic.
publish a call: any act open to the public and the means of communication can be introduced as a call (press conference, presentation, talk, demonstration …)
Post appeal: If you want to extend a statement to other collectives or people, in the form of a call and attachments, Enter it here.
publish article: you can publish signed articles that you find interesting to publish on the web or to send to the media. They may be non-own articles, but the author must always be noted.